A Safe Garage in Downtown Savannah!

Garage Door Openers are a Convenience for our Guests

A Two Car Garage in Downtown Savannah

One of the features we love about the Broughton Street House is having two car garage in Downtown Savannah with carriage house apartment over the garage. While it’s not part of the historical structure of the house, having secure parking right in the North Historic District is incredibly convenient. The lane behind the house is tight, so it’s not easy to get a large vehicle in there


, but we’ve parked Cathy’s Palisade there and it felt great knowing that it was safe, nearby, and we didn’t have to go move it on certain days to avoid the street sweepers. One thing we learned for sure – it’s much, much easier to back into the garage than it is to pull forward into it. That lane is very tight!
The Two Car Garage and Carriage House at Broughton Street House

Manual Garage Doors are a Challenge

The previous owners had never installed garage door openers. This meant the only way to securely enter the property was through the front door.  But it also meant that if you went out for a day trip to Tybee you had to pull the car out, drive to the front, go back through the house and lock the garage from the inside, and then back through the house and to your car. Obviously, if you have two people it’s much easier, but not ideal.

Garages Provide Convenience and Security

We decided to put in door openers, with keypads on the outside of the door. We change the codes on the keypads on a regular basis for security, but we don’t provide the remotes (heck, I lose them frequently myself). Big shout out to the folks at Precision Garage Door of Savannah for the great installation. Precision installed the openers and controls super fast and I’m very happy with how it turned out. Our guests will have the ability to easily open the doors from behind the property by entering the provided codes. We think this convenience makes the property more enjoyable and secure. Having a safe


, convenient garage in downtown Savannah is a rare luxury we’re proud to provide.

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Closing Day for the Broughton Street House

Today We Bought the Broughton Street House

I woke up this morning at 4:00 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Today is closing day. I’m Kevin, my wife is Cathy, and as of today we own the Broughton Street House. It’s been a long journey of searching, researching, and preparing.

In preparation for closing I packed up our travel trailer and headed to Savannah Monday. I can work remote, which meant I was able to get some driving in during the day, stopping roadside for conference calls and video meetings. It’s usually a 4 hour drive from Atlanta to Savannah, but it took me 7 due to the frequent stops and lower speed that I drive with the trailer.

Overnight in Fort McAllister

Cathy booked me a site at Fort McAllister State Park. It’s close to Savannah, but across the Ogeechee river so you actually have to drive a circuitous route to get there from downtown. I didn’t arrive until after dark, so I set up camp and did some work without exploring.

As I mentioned

, I woke up at 4:00 and couldn’t go back to sleep. Closing was scheduled for 1:00 pm, and I had some work deliverables as well, so I got started. Around 6:30 I decided to head into Richmond Hill to find breakfast. On the way out I saw this marina with the sun coming up.

A Quick Closing and We Own the Broughton Street House!

After breakfast I went back to the trailer and worked a bit waiting for time for the close. Cathy drive separately and arrived at the walk through at lunch time, so we met there and did our final walk through. Then, it was over to McNamara & Adams to sign the mountain of paperwork. The loan was in order (Thanks, Ron!) and the closing itself went really fast. By 1:45 we were done and the proud owners of this amazing historic home

Cathy had to head back to Atlanta to make sure the kids were good, but I stayed the week and prepared for our first guests. Nothing major, as the house was in great shape, just making sure the new internet service was working, setting up all the televisions with the new accounts, and going through all the kitchen drawers and such to be sure there are plenty of corkscrews and coffee mugs (I promise, as of today there are PLENTY!)

We are very proud to own the Broughton Street House! Now we can’t wait to share it with you.